About Us

We are Best Service Provider!

SocialCubicle is a social media marketing company based in India that work towards your business success. We do not work to make you famous, but to make you FAVOURITES. We are fathomed with your business marketing needs and hence come up with social media marketing solutions that cater to your dream of being the 'most liked' brand in the global market.

We are Social Maniac

Trust me, when I woke up today, I had no plans to be awesome. But... shit happens!

We never knew helping a close friend in coaxing his beloved online would give birth to our SocialCubicle!

That's just a fallacious tale....!!!! :p

It's all about the moments of impact that change your life. Yes, that happened to us!

And lately.. in 2017 while discussing the face of our brand, ideas came rushing to our brains. Amid 2A M brainstorm sessions, countless coffee, pizza deliveries, and the bumping hearts - we found the most exciting facet of our work – Thinking outside-in from within the cubicle. 'Be Social..Deliver Social' became the slogan of our squad of Social Nerds/Freaks/Maniacs.


  • Message From CEO

    We are extremely delighted to introduce you to 'Social Cubicle'. From its humble beginning in 2016, Social Cubicle has evolved as a versatile provider of a comprehensive suite of social media related services with a result-oriented approach and a solid client portfolio. Whether you are looking for aggressive social media marketing strategies to take off your business online or just want a professional to listen to your ideas, we assure you a very rewarding and satisfactory experience with us.

    Jagmeet Singh
  • Message From CTO

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your continuous support to Social Cubicle. Thanks for your encouragement. The journey would not have been so amazing without you. Social Cubicle has been able to fulfill its responsibility as one of the BEST Social Media Marketing Companies in India.

    We have assembled one of the wildest minds in and around the city to ensure we achieve our objective of helping companies reach their marketing goals. As a result, we all our capable of addressing your unique online marketing needs and helping you grow your business. At last, all our social maniacs, including my self, are committed in making the best possible efforts to serve the best to all our clients.

    Somesh Tripathi
  • Message From HOD

    Social Cubicle's mission is to help businesses grow and thrive in the cutting-edge competition and set benchmarks in their respective industry.

    We do this by exposing their products and services to the potential customers globally through our unique social media marketing strategies. I feel proud to be a part of a team bestowed with creative minds and social souls that strive day and night to work for our clients and their happiness. Also, we keep on scratching our minds for innovative ideas so that we could offer the best plans for our clients.

    Simran Kahlon
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