Spend a day @ Social Cubicle and you’d crave to be its part...forever!!!

We are weird; We are fun-loving...!!

And what more?

While weird and fun-loving are our ‘genetic’ traits, what sets us apart are transparency, passion and empathy.

The Work Environment at Social Cubicle is extremely creative and open.

We believe in teamwork, equality and mutual trust, whether it is within the office walls or beyond. We value the emotions and voice of each of our peers, clients and customers. This open and transparent work environment offers a comfortable space to each employee to grow and gain expertise in the desired area.

There are limitless opportunities at Social Cubicle; As we said, we are not confined to our cubicles. Hence, exploring the real world and discovering aspects that could help us build our work strategies is what makes our work lighter, fun and interesting. We are passionate and ardent about whatever we do, whether it is finding the surefire solution or simply a pillow fight among each other. Yes!! We do have pillow fight sessions here. ;) And of course, with our creativity and team work, we ensure the success of these strategies and solutions for the boost of our client’s business.

As said, we practice transparency! With this, we mean our distinct work environment supports open conversation and candid feedback to build enduring relationships. Treating each other with respect and dignity, as human beings first is in our attitude. We focus on listening to what our clients’ have to say; This is really important to understand their needs and expectations. Further, we ensure that we do not ignore the reactions and behaviors of our customers as well as our own employees. We put ourselves in their shoes to experience what it feels to be like them. Hence, we call ourselves empathetic.

Yes, we value money as it helps us grow and expand. But, we articulate our success with the clients’ as well as self-satisfaction.

Social Cubicle also makes effort to add new talents to enhance our “world”. Hence, we are consistent in offering career development opportunities for those aspiring to “socialize and grow” in the digital sphere.

Last but not the least!!

Parties, regular movies, dance sessions, picnics and trips are a part of our stress-free work regime! Apart from this, our employees enjoy working amid chats, munching and music on daily basis. We do not impose any kind of severity and limits on our employees. We promote a healthy, relaxed, and fun-filled environment so that our employees can perform good, think better and feel rejuvenated all the time when at work.

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