Case study #1, below is the video of the website and the results which came: we achieved after a specific time period of business yeilding strategies.

Case Study Time Channels Results
  Commenced in March 2018 till date Facebook 1260 likes
Twitter 860 followers
Instagram 128 followers
  Google+ 736 followers

Case study #2

Time Channels Results
Baked in the South Commenced in Oct 2017 till date Facebook 12k
Pinterest 14,260
Instagram 20k


Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent. Understanding the needsof the business is the starting point for any project.

USA based entrepreneur Rhiannon Marie contacted us regarding Social Media marketing for her Website. She has a Website with a vision of providing Unique Recipes & Travel Places. She wanted to create the social channels for organic traffic & reach. This Website was new and it Social Presence was not Optimized at all. We took this project as a challenge because we have to everything been supposed to be done from scratch.

During the First week task, we created all social profiles and included descriptions & basic content that have all details about the business.

After addition of descriptions we created social profile images & banner photos, we used images of the website in the creative to make all social channels familiar with the website.

We got the results in every week of submission as a large number of visits were increased on all Facebook.

Case study #3

Time Channels Results
Monark Golf Commenced in Jan 2018 till date Facebook 1350
Twitter 1110
Instagram 300


The planned strategies with a cup of coffee can give you an amazing results-believed the social cubicle team. The full optimization of the social channels with the proper dedication and hard work resulted in efficient results.

The USA Client who wanted to promote his business on the social channels came up with the hope to get the best results in sports industry. The products were golf equipments and professional manufacturer of custom built clubs. The project with the keen sports interest influenced us to work on it with full creativity. We had a vision to provide the best strategies that ultimately resulted in great results.

Performing the full optimization of the social channels, we crafted the images with the creativity and eye-catchy content to engage more and more audience. Using the relevant information with the accurate keywords gave us good results in less time. There was a great engagement on all the social channels with the organic followers.

Case study #4

Time Channels Results
Renewable Energy Commenced in Dec 2017 till date Facebook 1100(Total page like 10k+)
Twitter 300
Instagram 550


All the projects are like fabulous expeditions. The story of each project is unique and this is the one, totally different from what we expected.

The project to aware people about the environmental issue, renewable products and many more...A great way to save earth in itself. The project was very interesting as it required environmental moral ethics.

The first thought that came in our mind was we were doing what's necessary and is possible…but suddenly we were doing the impossible..People who care about nature responded so well to this project on all the social channels that the results were tremendous. Started with promoting the renewable energy products to the latest environment trends, everything was going great.

The results on all social channels increased day by day. We had a clear vision…Give the best…Get the best.

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