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With LinkedIn advertising, you can boost website traffic and generate leads for your B2B business. Start serving ads to high-level executives and decision-makers to generate high-quality leads and sales.
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How Our LinkedIn Marketing Service Works?

We provide the best LinkedIn marketing services that can help you connect to one of the best sources of B2B lead generation.

Reach the Business or B2B Consumers

Professional LinkedIn Marketing Services are the best option to spend your time.

Understand the New LinkedIn Analytics

Improve the effectiveness of your advertising through LinkedIn marketing.

Opportunities for Working in the B2B

Improve your business profile on LinkedIn and optimize your page performance

Target your Audience with Industry Variables

LinkedIn Ads helps in reaching the desired audience

Ads That Generate B2B Conversions

Take a deeper analysis of how LinkedIn Ads generates B2B leads

Unique Types of Ads Using LinkedIn Ads

We can help take your B2B leads to the next level

Approach to LinkedIn Ads

With the ability to target based on profession, job title, and location, you can reach more targeted leads for your business. Our process to accomplish this has five steps.

Our experts conduct an audit of the campaigns your organization is currently running. This way we help you move forward most efficiently and productively because it gives the insights on exactly what areas need to be improved. We're not here about guesswork. Armed with the data, we provide you the right strategies to grow.
We create shopper images for your business to help you identify your target audience and tailor your LinkedIn marketing strategy to reach your ideal audience. People want to feel like you are talking to them - and only to them. Show them that you care, you have done your homework, and you understand them and their needs.
As part of our LinkedIn marketing services, we verify the identities of your buyers to develop an effective social advertising strategy that targets each of your ideal buyers. We advise you on what types of ads you should be showing and create campaigns for different stages of the buyer's journey to build your marketing funnel.
We write, edit, and manage your ad (both copy and design) for your LinkedIn ads. To complement your program, we can also create long content such as content suggestions, which we use as a lead magnet on all your ad platforms. This helps you to participate in knowledge exchange and drive deep engagement.
We're testing new landing pages, audiences, copy, and offers to make sure performance is really improving. At the end of each month, we prepare a report detailing the performance of your campaigns so you can see how our top notch LinkedIn marketing services are working for you and you can better prioritize your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Ready? Getting Started with LinkedIn Ads

Start seeing the benefits of an effective LinkedIn advertising strategy. Schedule a free consultation with one of our Business Results Specialists to learn how LinkedIn advertising can generate leads and sales for your company.

Importance of LinkedIn Marketing

We develop campaigns on LinkedIn so that your audience increases and stays involved thanks to valuable content. We develop campaigns that publish consistently and measure the entire process.

Sponsored Content on LinkedIn

Like your Facebook feed, the sponsored ad will show up on the LinkedIn feed screen. You can publish this ad both on mobile and desktop devices. sponsored content is a powerful way to reach and build lasting relations with professionals. Our social maniacs develop content that is attractive and add value and then advertising is invested to "amplify" the content by sponsoring it and making it reach more people.

Sponsored InMail

InMail is LinkedIn's internal communication system that allows you to send internal messages, emails, to other people on LinkedIn. Like email marketing, this type of advertising can make a direct connection between two parties (the brand and its audience). The only difference between this and the traditional method is that now the message will arrive in the inbox to be reviewed by the prospect.

Text Ads

They are ads that are served on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression or pay-per-thousand model. Despite the name, text ads can also contain images. As with other ad types, you can choose the audience you want to reach, pay only if people click on them, and generate traffic to your website. It is also a low cost advertisement where you can pay as low as $2 per click and get great results.

Dynamic Ads

In general, a dynamic ad, such as those also used in Google Ads campaigns, has a series of parameters that are adapted to the audience, making the ad appear more personalized to each visitor. The ad integrates fields that are replaced with the data of each visitor like the profile photo, company name, job title, person's name, position, etc. With dynamic ads personalize the experience for your audience and measure & optimize your results.

Sales Navigator

Although Sales Navigator cannot be considered one of the types of ads on LinkedIn, it is a LinkedIn business strategy that every company should explore. It is a tool focused more on the seller than on the marketer as it allows establishing personal contacts with the people who meet the profile of the prospect you are looking to attract and network effectively to land more deals.

Indispensable in B2B but not exclusive

LinkedIn lets you segment and shoot with a telescopic sight, but on the other hand, it doesn't have the reach of Facebook. In general, the suggestion is to use both social networks, even if your focus is only business-to-business. When the target audience of the product or the brand does not match precisely with the LinkedIn segmentation options, then a complementary strategy must be integrated into Facebook.

Why is LinkedIn Marketing Important for Businesses?

While companies primarily advertise traditional consumer products (B2C) on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is an exciting marketing channel for B2B.

Views Per Post

Under each status update it is indicated how many views the post has achieved. The more interactions - likes or comments - the more the algorithm "turns" on. In other words, if many people respond to a post, the reach will continue to grow. At the beginning, a few hundred views are perfectly normal. However, there are no upper limits. We get posts with four- and five-digit views.

Number of Profile Visitors

Create and publish engaging content that is relevant and based on your expertise allows you to become a thought leader in your niche. Sharing the knowledge of your business provides value to your audience and can drastically improve how you are perceived in your growing network. You can also improve credibility by commenting and reacting to others posts.

Improve the Social Selling Index

The Social Selling Index (SSI) shows how strong your own LinkedIn account is overall. The stronger the LinkedIn SSI, the greater the reach. The SSI has a value that ranges from 0 to 100. Everyone can call up their own personal value at “” To achieve a higher score you need to establish your professional brand, find the right people, engage with insights, & build relationships.

Professional Environment

LinkedIn has established itself as a social network in the professional environment. While Xing is stagnating, LinkedIn is developing very dynamically especially on the content level. That is why it is important to first define the goals in LinkedIn marketing - also as part of the overall strategy. LinkedIn can help you boost your profile, build awareness of your brand, and help recruit the right people.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We see three major trends in LinkedIn Marketing: Classic ads (LinkedIn Ads) on company pages, sales activities (e.g., via the LinkedIn Sales Generator) and content marketing on personal profiles. So, it is always a question of whether the activities are initiated from marketing, sales, PR or a digital unit. Great success can be achieved at all three levels.
The costs for LinkedIn Marketing are between a few thousand euros and a five or six-figure range. The click prices for LinkedIn ads are very high. However, the results are also very good. A high reach can be generated through organic posts on personal profiles. However, this requires a LinkedIn content strategy. This creates costs for LinkedIn content workshops and a follow-up expense. The people in the company have to stand behind it with fire.
Many companies first create a LinkedIn Company Page. This also makes sense, since the company pages are now very visible on Google and a corresponding number of customers come across the LinkedIn page. Advertisements are also placed on the Company Pages. However, you can only get serious coverage through your personal profiles. LinkedIn is a social network.
Posting ads on LinkedIn is a comparatively expensive proposition. The click prices are extremely high. At least a four-digit monthly amount should be expected. Much more attractive, but also more complex: Develop your own LinkedIn content strategy and build up “free”, that is, organic reach.
You can build coverage on LinkedIn with just a simple account. However, a premium account has a positive effect on the LinkedIn SSI. There are also more options for creating lead lists and using the Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn is a social network. It's about personal profiles and a personal content strategy that is embedded in the company. The company profiles on LinkedIn have very little reach. Different marketing approaches merge on LinkedIn: corporate influencer, content marketing and social media marketing.

Every posting and every article also include the use of relevant hashtags. However, the hashtags are currently much less relevant than on Twitter, for example. Tip: Develop your own hashtags and build your own following.

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