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Creative Graphic

  • Count on us for eye-catching graphics that can catch the sights of your viewers and create long-lasting impressions.

Content Marketing

  • We create catchy, engaging, yet informational social media content so that your readers can't resist responding.

Community Creation

  • We cover community creation to connect you to your customers and promote your business in the best way.

Social Listening

  • It can allow you to have an understanding of the needs of your customers and create marketing strategies accordingly.

Social Media Audit

  • Effective social media audit to locate shortcomings and figure out required improvements in advertising strategies.

Paid Ad Management

  • Instead of "set and forget" criteria, we go with effective paid ad management to reach the target audience.

Key Performance Indicators for Facebook Ads

Just as our name says, we at Social Cubicle want to widen your marketing attempts through the
means of Facebook. You can count us in for

  • Boosting Your Engagement
  • Enhancing the Audience Reach
  • Increasing fans for your brand on Facebook
  • Suggesting ways for increasing your growth
  • Improving Recognition of Your Brand
  • Staying by your side round-the-clock
  • Working hand-in-hand aiming for your growth
  • Accompanying you in building your brand

How Our Facebook Management Services Work

The goal of our Facebook marketing consultants is to increase awareness and engagement for your business.
Our process to accomplish this has five steps.

Facebook Marketing
Setting Up a Strategy

Facebook can be your platform for boosting customer engagement, increasing customer support, and driving organic traffic. With our Facebook management experts, you can expect effective strategies for attaining your goals. Our Facebook marketing service can walk hand in hand with you at every step that can take you closer to achieving your big goal.

Creating Content for Target Audience

Analyzing the target audience is an essential part of all of the processes, just like yours. After getting the approval on strategies, we start crafting content as per their needs and requirements. Priding ourselves as the best Facebook marketing company in India, we make sure every content is engaging and 100% unique.

Up scaling Your Page

After setting the page, adding content, you can expect followers. That's when we leverage Facebook ads for the utmost benefit at a pocket-friendly cost. With us, you can avail yourself of Facebook messenger and add value to your customer experience. Count on our Facebook ads agency for such Facebook marketing techniques.

Monitoring the Growth

Monitoring progress is essential for a successful Facebook page. You must respond to comments and messages within 24 hours. With our Facebook management services, we take care of daily monitoring to tweak the strategies as per the need. It also allows us to present a bird-eye view of the strategy implemented.


Being the top Facebook marketing company in India, we emphasize keeping you posted. We share the analysis, performance, growth, and pictorial representation. You can use these reports to set new data points for campaigns for effective impact. With it, you can increase Facebook fans, boost engagement, and re-target existing consumers.

Importance of Facebook Marketing

There are more active Facebook users than there are people living in the entire Northern Hemisphere

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Facebook offers business owners & brands one of the largest user bases in the market. It is second to Google search users, which means you can reach out to an audience in different countries based on ethnicity, interest, etc. Today, the array of demographics on Facebook includes 62% of users falling between 18-35 years. Wait no more and target this large audience with the best Facebook marketing firm.

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Among the plethora of Social Media marketing platforms, Facebook is the most successful one due to its user engagement. Facebook’s ad format and targeting options have the capabilities to align well with any Digital Marketing strategy. The goal behind leveraging Facebook marketing is to build a strong foundation for a business/brand using its extensive features. Do you want it to be yours?

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Among the plethora of social media marketing platforms, Facebook is the most successful one when it comes to user engagement. Facebook’s ad format, targeting options etc. have the capabilities to align well with any digital marketing strategy. The aim to use Facebook marketing is to build a strong foundation for a business/brand using its extensive features.

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On the platform of Facebook, audience reach is transparent. The self-selecting audience targeting allows businesses/brands to have control over the ads. On the other hand, other social media channels offer features like auto-optimization placements. On Facebook, it is known as audience clustering and might prove beneficial to brands/businesses. That is why organizations choose to partner with Facebook advertising companies to find out the audience for their ads and get better returns without having to make any massive investment.

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Although you might not be able to target fans of other brands, you can still reach users who have indicated desired brands in their interest list. This is called leveraging the self-report data. It is especially useful if you want to upscale your brand/business. For it, we start by creating a custom audience with an interest in 20+ well-known brands to quickly tap into a wide array of profiles. The bottom line is, with our Facebook Marketing services, you can learn about your competitors. To begin with it, all you need is to reach us.

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Facebook marketing campaigns can be more exhaustive than Twitter accounts. The platform permits businesses/brands to market the product/service with help of a variety of content formats for example images, videos, etc. Furthermore, you can drive referral traffic from Facebook to directly on your website. While it might sound easy, performing Facebook marketing requires an extensive set of skills. Therefore opting for a Facebook ad agency is a good way to take care of everything with better ROI and lower investment as they are experts in their field.


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Facebook users than there are people living in the entire Northern Hemisphere

Tailored Strategies

We understand that every business can have different needs. That's why we extend tailored strategies. All in all, you can count on our Facebook marketing managers for developing a progressive plan for your business.

Digestible Content

We understand that content must be readable and relevant. Keeping that in mind, our Facebook Advertising experts ensure that our content attracts the audience while keeping up with the guidelines of Facebook.

Growth Hacking

We intend to deliver service, which can pave the way for real growth. For this, our Facebook ad specialist creates a result-oriented plan. We aim to drive more traffic, capture different demographics, and reach a broader audience.

360 - Marketing

Being called the best Facebook marketing company in India, we aim to deliver a 360-degree service to boost your business's success. For you, it can be like owning the base for a regular audience and focusing on new leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook ads make a great impact on the purchasing decision of the customers. When consumers see the same brand again and again on their Facebook profiles, they consider it something they are familiar with and thus, trust it easily as compared to other options. Also, according to the stats, around 50% of the users like to buy a product from the brand they follow on Facebook and above 75% of the users connect to new brands through Facebook.
Well, it depends on your unique business needs and your budget. After analyzing your business requirements and budget, we will provide you with the exact estimate for campaign testing and running. Know more about social media marketing costs here.
There is no fixed answer to this question. Generally, you are recommended to keep your Facebook ads running as long as they are converting and performing as desired. In case the performance of the ads is getting worse, you can stop the campaign or change its strategy. Build your fb business page by implementing proper Facebook marketing strategy..
This is the common question asked by most of the business owners who are new to Fb marketing. Well, Facebook ads appear in 6 different places.
Right Column: Facebook ads appear on the right-side column of Facebook when users access their account using a computer.
Feeds: They appear in the News Feed when people open their Facebook account on a computer or a mobile device.
In-stream video: These ads also appear as short videos under the Video On Demand and Live Video section.
Stories: Your Fb advertisements are shown in stories when people browse stories on their profile.
Instant Articles: These ads are also shown in Instant Articles within the mobile app.
Marketplace: These ads are also displayed on the home page of the Marketplace when someone opens Marketplace in his Facebook app. .
Yes, it does. It makes a direct impact on your SEO strategy. Your website’s ranking depends on web traffic and relative links. As social media is one of the most effective ways to create quality links and increase traffic, it directly affects SEO. For instance, when you make a new Facebook post while including the URL, more traffic is drawn to your website when it is shared by your followers. This results in increased traffic and a better opportunity to rank higher in the search engines. Facebook Marketing Consultant creates attractive posts as per your audience, thus helping in getting more traffic or leads.

Well, we at Social Cubicle, being the top Facebook marketing firm in India, make sure to avoid such a situation because we are aware of the instances that can lead to the rejection of the Facebook ads and take preventive measures to avoid such cases. However, we like to make our clients more aware of the situations when their ads can get rejected. So, here is the list:

- When an ad violates Community Standards

- Ads containing prohibited content including drugs, illegal products/services, etc.

- Adult content

- Ads that are not relevant to the product

- Ads exceeding the criteria for text

- Ads provoking a wrong action

It’s easy for business owners to miss these things when doing marketing on their own. That’s the reason they are always suggested to hire Facebook marketing experts.
Considering Facebook has a large user base, exceptional features and affordable advertising plan - it makes Facebook as one of the top platforms to advertise your product/services. You can reach out to millions of people in a day and cover a variety of demographics. With Facebook advertisements, you can craft the interests of your audience and create a massive impact.
As easy as it may sound, crushing Facebook is time taking. On the other hand, hiring a Facebook marketing company brings you a step closer to creative experts. They have the right experience to run a campaign that generates better ROI. Another reason to hire a FB marketing firm is that they help you strengthen your business/brand online reputation.
To be honest, it varies from individual to individual and from one product/service to another. Yet, a rough estimate would include using 10-20% of your budget for testing purposes. You can have a big budget and also run multiple ads at once. One of the common mistakes is to run an ad for one day. It is recommended to run your ad at least for 4 days. If you are getting facebook marketing services, then they know the budget and ad time.
It's a simple and straightforward process, just complete our application process online or give us a call.
Facebook advertising is a vital component of social media advertising, and here at Social Cubicle, we seriously undertake your advertising campaigns. Reliant on the type of ads you want to run, our Facebook ads experts work with you to ensure that your ad campaigns are conducted efficiently and aimed to reach your goals. We run your ads through your advertising account so that you can easily see your ads in action or we can run ads through our advertising account and share the results. Call us today to know more.

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