Pinterest Marketing Services

Among all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, Pinterest is different. It isn’t something that people use to share with their network of friends. Here are two interesting facts about Pinterest. First, Pinterest is all about what interests people and second, 40% of the Pinterest users have a household income of $100,000. This means that Pinterest is a great platform for sellers.

Why should you market on Pinterest?

Pinterest is relatively new and has managed to become the fourth most popular social platform. As of September 2018, there are 250 million users on Pinterest. Among those users, 93% say that they use Pinterest for purchasing ideas.
There’s a common misconception that Pinterest is only useful for businesses that sell home décor, gardening, beauty or fashion supplies. But that is far from the truth. Even businesses with niches like banking and finance can gain from marketing on Pinterest.
With the rising popularity of visuals, Pinterest is a great platform for users, because Pinterest is all about creating catchy and creative visuals. The cherry on the cake is long-lasting pins on Pinterest. A Facebook post lasts for a few hours, and a tweet lasts only for a few minutes, but pins pinned on Pinterest can last for weeks and months!
In fact, with Pinterest, a user can keep scrolling endlessly for an idea and more and more pins would keep unearthing. This means that your older pins can still continue to generate leads.

Advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest ads are innovative and do not disrupt the user experience. There are several ways you can advertise on Pinterest.

Promoted pins

Promoted pins are your standard pins that are paid for. When you pay for these pins, Pinterest prioritizes them and displays them more often than unpaid pins. It is a great way to advertise when you are selling a product..

One-tap pins

When a user taps on a pin, they want to take a closer look or read the description of the pin. But with a one-tap pin, the user will directly be taken to your website which gives more information on the product..

Cinematic pins

Cinematic pins are similar to video pins but they only move when the user scrolls and stop when the user stops scrolling, thus calling the user to tap on the pin. These type of pins ensure user engagement.

How to market on Pinterest?

The crux of Pinterest is interesting images that catch users’ attention. Pinterest is specially designed for mobile usage. And for the same reason, Pinterest images are long rectangles that enhance the user’s experience that is browsing on their mobile. To get started with marketing your business on Pinterest, you need to first create a business page. To make your Pinterest business profile fuller, add relevant boards that categorize different types of pins. To make your brand stand above par, you can customize the look of your Pinterest profile by choosing which pins to show on the cover of each board. Did you know that you can optimize Pinterest pins for SEO? Ever since it was introduced in 2010, Pinterest is continuously evolving. Unlike other social media, Pinterest is optimized to show up in Google Results Page. To show up your pins in Google SERPs, you can optimize your Pinterest page, boards, pins, and pin descriptions. With the increasing use of long-tail keywords in the google search, there’s a good chance that your pin will even show up in Google SERPs. Optimization of pins is not limited to SEO. Pinterest pins also need to be optimized for Pinterest search. Pinterest search is used very often and when a user enters a keyword from your niche, you would want your pin to show up in the top results. For that, you need to do optimize your pin title and pin description. Creating relevant pins and pinning the pins to the relevant boards as well optimizing them all for search requires expertise, hard work and creativity. But hiring someone who is an expert in the field will make your job so much easier..

Pinterest Marketing Services

It is proven that Pinterest is a great platform to generate leads. Marketing on Pinterest requires time and knowledge of how what works on Pinterest. To maximize the benefits of Pinterest, you can partner with a professional Pinterest marketer. Considering that most of us are well-versed with using social media, one might assume that managing a Pinterest business page is easy. But with so much competition, rising to the top is not possible with a marketing strategy that lacks expertise. SocialCubicle is specialist in social media marketing. We know how to analyze the numbers, demographics and data of users to generate a maximum following and leads. We are not just a team that is great at making enticing images; we know how to reach the right audience and what “sells”.

Why choose us

Pinterest is modern and the perfect tool to increase your sales. Pinterest is nothing like any other social media out there. For many businesses, it can be difficult to figure out what works on Pinterest. We know how infuriating it is when you work hard to create pins and not get any results. But we have got you covered. We have tried and tested many ways of generating leads on Pinterest and know what works From tailoring a Pinterest marketing strategy to curating boards, pins and a professional business page for your Pinterest, our marketing specialists will take care of everything.

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