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Optimize Pinboards

With our pinterest optimization service, we ensure your pins and pin boards are seen and clicked to drive traffic.

Organic Pinterest Management

Our Pinterest advertising experts share content consistently & perfectly positioned to draw organic traffic, leads, and conversions to your videos and offers.

Promoted Pins Management

We design campaigns based on your brand’s vision and ROI goals. Let our Pinterest Marketing experts manage all your Pinterest Campaigns.

Pin Creation Service

The visually compelling pins created by Pinterest ads specialists tell a story, build brand credibility, and most of all lead to higher conversions.

Account Build & Clean Up

The Pinterest page is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts and we, as the best pinterest marketing company in India, help you make the right first impression.

Pinterest Advertising

We strategize and produce excellent Pinterest campaigns for successful outcomes in a short duration of time.

Key Performance Indicators for Pinterest Marketing Services With Social Cubicle

When introduced as a go-to site for decor ideas and recipes, little did we know that Pinterest would turn into a visual search engine someday! Similarly, our Pinterest Management Services can bring you a wide number of benefits

  • Step 1: New Leads
  • Step 2: Leads turned into sales
  • Step 3: Enhanced awareness
  • Step 4: Blog traffic
  • Step 5: Access to an audience of every age group
  • Step 6: Integration with other platforms
  • Step 7: Access to emerging trends for ideas
  • Step 8: Risen Brand Authority

How do our Pinterest Marketing Services Work?

Social Cubicle’s Pinterest Promotion Services help you increase brand awareness and boost your sales. Our process to accomplish this has five steps.

The first step to Pinterest marketing for your business involves setting up the right strategy to help you reach the desired goals. Our dedicated Pinterest experts create strategic concepts for your Pinterest account. The pins and the boards that we create are based on thorough research about your existing customers, keyword research done and then used for the pin descriptions and the ideal customer avatar which has been created for you.
The next step in our Pinterest marketing is pin creation. For this, your Pinterest marketing manager carefully creates the pins by making use of original content and the descriptions of the pin which are in line with your brand values and characteristics. If you are an ecommerce business, then you need to communicate with the specialist regarding which products you want to sell online. For this, we create buyable pins that attract your customers to make the purchase.
Pinterest is a great way to expand your user base, but if it is not optimized, your brand won’t be found. Thus, we as the best pinterest promotion service provider offer Pinterest optimization where our experts take a look at the results of the past and analyze the type of content and the copy which are receiving the most engagement and re-pins. We also find out what pinners are responding at? We pinpoint all and then refine it to perfection to generate the best results for your brand.
The top priority of our pinterest ads expert is to implement the correct strategy for your Pinterest enabling you to accomplish your desired goals. Once your Pinterest Account is optimized and pins begin to publish, our experts help increase awareness of your page resulting in more sales. We also create high-quality content to publish on your pinboard to help increase engagement. In addition to this, we boost your content through promoted pins to drive traffic.
The last step in our Pinterest Marketing is looking at the results and then analyzing the reports of your Pinterest account. From these results, we make necessary changes for improving your strategy on Pinterest. Our pinterest marketing specialists then send you the full report of Pinterest marketing and management growth, so you always know where your business stands with our campaign. If you have any queries you can call us anytime.

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Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing helps your brand catch user attention while generating brand awareness, engagement, and customers.

Increases Brand Awareness

Get the attention of Pinterest users with enticing images and content and grow brand awareness as well as reach more customers with the help of Pinterest ads agency.

Increase Brand Engagement

Boost interaction with your users and post content that entices them to become followers and tap on your website.

Improved Consistency

Posting high-quality content with great pin designs keeps the customers engaged with your brand and marks you as a consistent brand. Let the pinterest advertising company in India help your brand.

Drive Website Traffic

Pinterest is a great tool to help you increase links back to your website, thus driving massive traffic and increasing sales. Consulting with pinterest marketing expert will help you with your business in the best possible way.

Promote Content

Pinterest makes it easy to connect your content and increase the chances that your blog posts reach more readers. Promote your content better with the help of Pinterest Promotion services.

Visual Appeal

Pinterest offers a visual appeal that other social media platforms do not. Post intriguing images to draw in potential customers.

Why Are We The Top Pinterest Marketing Agency in India?

Social Cubicle is the best Pinterest marketing agency to help your brand reach new heights.

Platform Research

Our pinterest promotion experts thoroughly research Pinterest to list your competitors and analyze their strategies so as to offer you the best campaigns. As a Pinterest marketing management company in India, we discover the tags that suit your products and that help increase your sales. We also ensure that we include them in your pinterest account. Creating and managing the business account for your organization on Pinterest is our top priority and we do that thoroughly.

Pinterest Management is not Outsourced

Many Pinterest marketing agencies outsource their Pinterest management as it is a hard nut to crack, but Social Cubicle does not. Being the no. 1 pinterest ads company, every pin on Pinterest we create is conducted in-house by our dedicated, experienced, and trained social maniacs. This has helped us deliver high-quality content to the clients as compared to their competitors making us a top Pinterest marketing company in India.

Regular Reporting

We understand our customers' concerns and curiosity about their Pinterest campaigns. Therefore, our pinterest specialist provide regular reports to them which can give them updates on the work done and know where their brand stands as well as what goals are achieved. We represent the data and all other necessary information in an easy-to-understand way helping you know all. We insist on using visual forms to represent data and actions.

Updated on Changing Trends

Our team of social maniacs understand the changing trends in Pinterest and other social media platforms, and we believe in revising and modernizing our social media marketing strategies as per the changes. By analyzing the current situation, we create a successful strategy that helps in planning new campaigns or updating the existing ones. Hence, by continuously updating the campaigns we ensure it provides the best results for your brand. Thus, we as the top pinterest advertising company help your brand to grow in the best possible way.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Benchmark is between 30 to 40 boards in the single Pinterest account. It also depends on your niche, as there are plenty of topics that are related to the offerings about content creation. For example, if a brand is selling trendy clothes for maternity which have created a blog like Top 5 Jeans for dressing up in maternity. Then this can be pinned to the boards related to maternity clothes, tips for soon to be moms or Trendy clothes for pregnant women. For a diverse board, it is required to take the mix of original and curated content for your board into your Pinterest account. This also depends on how much content type you are creating and the categories of the services or products. You also want to start building the profile with 10 to 20 boards and then you can increase the number as per the content of the library when it grows.
When you start accepting the invitations from the group boards then you can try to cull back to 5-10 group boards. You can stick to the group boards which are having a high rate of engagement, you can check this in the insights section of the board. When you are purchasing the affiliated link then you will receive a very small commission with no cost to you. When you are new to Pinterest then you can aim to join about 1-5 group boards. Sure, check the engagement scores after you join Pinterest and when your account is growing. You would be able to cut the ones with lower reach and it will have a wide impact with very less effort. You only need to share the pins with the group boards who are performing best. Contact with Pinterest Advertising Firm in India today for more information.
When you are pinning daily, 10-30 time slots scheduled per day would be considered as a good rule of thumb for the Pinterest profile. The basic package for the client will include the posting of 10 pins per day, so this would be a great start for the newcomers on Pinterest. Continuous pinning is most important when it is coming to scheduling the posts. Quality always comes before the quantity on Pinterest. So always stick to this with attractive pin images and strong content. Make sure to hire the best pinterest marketing service provider and get the most out of it.
Always make tall pin graphics for promoting the new content and products. When you are getting started then try creating about 20-30 graphics and then fill up the schedule with the mix of curated content. The graphics should have a cohesive style which means that you can use the same set of design templates and then switch the colors and text or images so that you will get the same look and feel. This is quite easy to do with canvas, there various preset templates are present which will help you in getting started building unique designs. You can even switch the designs by creating some pins which are a standard size of 735x1100px. This will also increase the engagement of your Pinterest with the content. This is the prime example of the longer pin which you can create on Pinterest. A reliable Pinterest Marketing Company will helps you with the images as well.
You can stick with a 50:50 ratio for the content curated to the original content. These are the pins that are related to the boards of the client which can be found on other websites and in the search of Pinterest. When you are having a lot of images or content for sharing then you can adjust the ratio to 25% to 75 %. There is also one pin to another source for every 3 pins on your site. When you are in the process of revving the marketing strategy content and don’t have more to share than 80% curated to 20% original mix of pins would be fine. You are aiming for traction and then you can increase the engagement for the overall Pinterest account which will help you down the line when you are sharing more content. When you want to gain traction in your account and want to increase the rate of an impression then Pinterest is allowing you to share the user's content.

When you are pinning 20-30 brands every day then it would be exhausting. You can continue to recycle your pins as long as they are relevant and performing well. You can also take a look at Pinterest Analytics to check which of your pins are growing to the top position. You can also visit the dashboard and determine which pins you want to be rescheduled based on the data. When you are re-sharing the successful pins then you are building momentum, increasing the engagement, and helping the mysterious algorithm of Pinterest. This will decide how often your content is searched in the feeds. You can also check whether your pins are considered a quality source of content that people will like to share. If you are having more marketing questions for Pinterest, then you can join our Facebook page and comment below. We will get in touch with you soon. You should be an expert in analysing or you can hire a pinterest advertising agency because based on your analytics, you can plan out the strategy.

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