20 Proven Facebook Marketing Strategies For Marketers

Proven Facebook Marketing Strategies

Developing a business page on Facebook can turn out to be quite helpful for every marketer. Since it was launched back in the year 2004, the active users of Facebook are still continuously growing. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms of social media all over the globe and the second most visited one. This platform provides a great opportunity to promote your brand in front of the target audience and engage along with the huge target audience and turn them into your customer.

Why does Facebook have great importance for marketers?

In a marketer’s life, Facebook has excellent importance. It’s the most popular tool for a marketer to grow their brand. There are some specific features of Facebook that are useful for the marketer. it’s not a static platform. It’s a dynamic platform for marketers and customers. Lots of customers are active regularly and get exposed to multiple branded products that’s why social media marketing has great importance for every marketer.

Here is the list of 20 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for your business:

  1. Think and Set some goals
  2. Profile photo and cover photo
  3. Know your Target audience on facebook
  4. More Facebook users are on mobile
  5. Call to action
  6. Post frequency
  7. Competitive analysis
  8. Drive traffic from Facebook Page to your website
  9. Create or join Facebook groups
  10. Track, measures, and improve
  11. Respond to comment on your Facebook posts
  12. Include Facebook messenger in your strategy
  13. Post boosting strategy
  14. Use attention capturing images or graphics
  15. AR strategy will become more popular on Facebook
  16. Understand your customer journey
  17. Make the right types of ads
  18. Swot analysis
  19. Age group of the users on Facebook
  20. Use Hashtags to improve reach and engagement

Let’s discuss these Facebook Marketing Strategies deeply:

1. Think and Set some goals

You may have heard,” A goal without a plan is just a wish”. The first and the basic tip before spending and putting more into digital marketing is having a “plan”. Choosing any platform to do marketing for your business requires a game plan and some strategies. In this cut-throat competition, you have to think about other options too along with ad-campaigns. Long-term thinking will guide you in planning different strategies like crafting content and maintaining brand image.

Setting goals is also a part of long-term thinking which is in turn part of long-term marketing. You should plan a specific goal about posting content and getting engagements. Be clear about the results you want to achieve. 

Address what you want to achieve. You should be aware why you are running ad-campaigns. The common goals of businesses are :

Your goals are a roadmap to the success of your business. Make sure your goals and plans are accessible through the platform.

2. Profile photo and cover photo:

Your profile picture and cover image should be easy to understand and self-explaining for your target audience. Appropriate graphics should be used in images to capture the attention of viewers. If your profile image is recognized by your customers then they would wish to go on your profile.

3. Know your Target audience on facebook

Once you are done  with planning long-term strategies and goals, start nailing your target audience. You will be wasting your time and money if you aren’t reaching the right people. Pinpointing the audience helps you determine which marketing strategies to use and how. Discover the demographic data to dive deep to know the right audience and who are using this platform. You should check your facebook insights too as researching on demographics gives an idea on how to target a unique audience. With a plethora of data available on facebook, you can find potential customers.

4. More Facebook users are on mobile:

Most of the Facebook users operate their account on a mobile phone as per the statistic 

Therefore, the marketer should create mobile responsive ads which should be for the target population.

5. Call to action:

A call to action is helpful for customers to take the desired action. It also helps to generate reach and engagement on your website. Ensure to enable your call-to-action button. The call-to-action button has multiple options such as Sign Up, Send Message, or Learn more, which directs to a landing page of your website.

6. Post frequency:

Posting frequently is an important strategy for every marketer. It is crucial to know how and when to post . Do not post multiple times with the same content because customers may want something new every time. Regularly posting is a must to build a strong brand.

Facebook is still a difficult platform in the case of organic content.  The frequency to post on Facebook should be 1 and 2 times a day. The absolute key is to analyze the social media platform as every account is different. If you are posting less than once a week, forget about growing your followers. Stay organized with what to post every day as it will help you in increasing followers 4x times faster. According to the studies, users spend thirty- to thirty-four minutes on Facebook. Hence, targeting the right people will drive massive traffic and increase engagements. 

7. Competitive analysis:

Competitive analysis is a marketing strategy of Facebook. It stands for finding out what your competitor is doing for growing their business. How they target the audience and what is their market share. By proper assessment of competitors SWOT. A marketer can deploy counter-strategies.

8. Drive traffic from your Facebook Page to your website:

It is a great strategy for every marketer to develop their Facebook business page. Direct traffic from your Facebook page to your website to promote their brand. By providing a little description about the product on the Facebook page and giving a website link for more information.

Learn more about the importance of facebook business pages.

9. Create or join Facebook groups:

Have you ever discussed it, Why facebook groups are important? Everywhere facebook groups get attention when the talk is about marketing. Let’s see the big picture showing benefits.

Facebook groups increase your organic reach

Facebook Algorithm exactly wants group posts. Content posted in different facebook groups gets more priority. The reason is user engagement on those posts. It is advised to remain active and frequently publish in facebook groups. As your target audience engages and reacts on the post, you get increased reach.

Builds customer relationships

Being in a facebook group means you may get on good terms with one or the other person. This helps you to know people, this may get you new sales and business too. 

You can perfectly make a connection while in a group. People are more likely to visit a website or social media page having a reference of a friend versus a brand. Moreover, a healthy discussion in groups with customers makes you understand their pain points. 

Being in groups is a major help for you to nurture your brand and get one to one engagements from customers.

10. Track, measures, and improve:

Facebook is a huge planet on its own. If you are not tracking and measuring your marketing efforts on Facebook you are losing a great opportunity to raise the number of customers. If you want to grow seriously, start tracking and measuring your reach and engagements. You should have a look at  the following metrics:

A continuous effort to improve these metrics will  help you reach a larger audience.

Have you ever realized why tracking and measuring these metrics benefit?

Over the past few years, Facebook has dwindled the organic reach but that doesn’t mean not to measure it. Let’s understand it with an example. Suppose you posted a picture with relevant content and your post reaches over 1lakh people. On the other day, you posted another content and it did not receive the same success. This shows the importance of tracking. You get to know the interests of your audience, their likes and dislikes.

In the same manner, measuring impressions on your post gives you a crystal clear idea of the nature of the post.Moreover, you will get to know the number of times your post has been seen. Analyzing and tracking is a crucial part to truly measure the success and referral traffic too.

11. Respond to comment on your Facebook posts:

Commenting is a term through which we can build better relations with customers and the target population. Using a Facebook page means communicating with both your supporters and critics. Facebook provides some features to accept and reject the comments. If the comments are helpful for our post then say thanks to them for appreciating us.

You cannot ignore negative comments. As long as you have kept yourself open to receive comments, there will be negative comments too. How to manage such negativity? Removing or disabling the negative comments is a big no. So here is a small guide to handle negative comments.

Have patience, understand the negative comments. People expect quick responses to their queries and the same is the case with comments too. Simply respond to the comment if you got the solution. When you empathize with customers’ pain points they get to know you have understood them. This sets a positive tone for further discussion. This gesture of quick response shows how deeply you care about your customers and their views.

This is recommended as after you respond to the customer. After responding try to solve the matter offline rather than discussing it over comments on facebook. Discussing more about negative comments gives a different and bad insight about your services or products.

Shut the matter online as soon as possible. Moreover, you can reply to the negative or sensitive comments privately. With this you have taken the problem away from your social media. 

We have heard this many times, saying sorry solves the matter. Same applies here, Apologize when it’s needed. Apologizing for your mistake when someone is genuinely annoyed shows your courtesy. Apologize sincerely and genuinely whenever it’s necessary

Saying sorry leaves a positive impact that shows how real you are. This also shows how important reviews and customers are for you.

Ignoring comments is the ninja technique. This is possible only when you have a huge online presence and brand name. If you have the support of a huge community, they will be your voice that time. Moreover, this practice is ideal only when you are growing rapidly and you do not have time for haters. Loyal people have your back that time.

12. Include Facebook messenger in your strategy:

Facebook messenger provides a chatbot to communicate with your target audience in multiple ways namely natural and conversational manner. This is the best way to build a good relationship between marketer and customer. If any customers have some queries then they can easily communicate to the marketer with the help of Facebook messenger.

13. Post boosting strategy: 

Even though it is a paid feature of Facebook, companies should not avoid post boosting options by Facebook. Facebook gives freedom to speed up a business-post by an ad manager. The level of speeding up depends upon how much the marketer is willing to spend on post-boosting. As per the requirements, any business can utilize this feature.

Is boosting strategy worth it? How to select posts for boosting?

To counter the trend of declining facebook’s organic reach,  a marketer can definitely use the facebook boosting strategy. This is one of the best ways to make your post reach that extra mile. Boosting is a paid advertisement to increase your post reach even if your followers are too low. 

Nowadays everybody is going crazy about post boosting. Keep reading to know the factors before choosing a post for boosting. The very important factor is to check which post performed well organically because on boosting that post, it will gain more reach. Well, the reason is, the post that performed well organically will have quality content. On boosting that post, facebook will automatically push it to more eyes. So, choose the post after seeing its insights as organically high-performing posts are pushed to more reach on boosting.

14. Use attention capturing images or graphics:

Let’s suppose you are scrolling down your Facebook, suddenly you see a blurry post with unclear copy. The graphics of the ad are dull and you are clueless what they are trying to sell. A deep consideration is required to create ad posts. Ad design is the most important part in paid advertisement because being a brand you portray everything with an image. Image conveys the information along with the emotion connected to it.

Human brain understands the pictorial representation more than it understands the written content. Moreover, the image post gets more engagement than the only content post. Expert marketers always use highly engaging images with hd graphics for facebook advertisement. Audience connect to such posts quickly.

The facebook post you are going to advertise should be eye grabbing. Post ads that are relevant and relate to your target audience get more engagements and reach to many people. Before posting, make your expectations and results clear in your mind. Do Not use excessive texts on your post and use high-resolution images.

15. AR strategy will become more popular on Facebook:

AR strategy stands for augmented reality ads strategy which plays a vital role to help the marketer for engagement and interact with the customer in real-time. In augmented reality Facebook provides multiple filters for marketers and customers. You can experiment with brand products and services along with augmented reality camera effects in just one click.

Technology is getting advanced and everyday consumers’ needs and desires are taken care of. Brands are using Augmented reality to drive sales as it is the emerging trend.  AR has given consumers a unique experience. In facebook after running your ads, you can see the results with augmented reality ads. You can show off your products to consumers using augmented reality.

16. Understand your customer journey:

It is essential for every marketer to know how their customer reached their brand and what was the reason to switch from a competitor. Before posting your Facebook ad it’s essential to know what types of customers you have and the past journey of your target audience. There are three steps to find out our customer journey 

Why is customer journey so important?

Customer journey is important and at the same time helpful because it makes you analyze your customers. Mapping the user’s behaviour helps you to understand how the customers travel through the whole sales process. The mapping journey has benefits. You will be focused on your target audience, without audience marketing is a ship without a sailor. Defining your target audience and interpreting their journey helps you to get potential leads.

17. Make the right types of ads:

Your ads should clearly define your goal containing a clear marketing copy.Don’t create disaster by advertising without a specific goal. Keeping ads simple is a basic fundamental and your ads must fall in between the three categories. These three categories are Awareness, consideration, and conversion. The right type of ads targets the right audience and appealing graphics attract a lot of eyeballs. The purpose of ads is either to get more engagements or drive more leads.

18. Swot analysis:

SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity, threat. Swot analysis is important for every business. Every business should have knowledge about the swot of their own business and the competitor business and the strategy of the competitor.SWOT helps to analyze the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats that may affect the company. SWOT is popular on social media. While running a PPC campaign, SWOT analysis helps you in understanding the external factors to avoid failure of your PPC campaign.

If you are a marketer, then you must know how to perform SWOT of your PPC campaign. Start with the strengths that can lead to the success of the campaign. Strength is counted as a positive internal factor. Second thing to consider in your SWOT analysis is Weaknesses of your campaign. These are the negative points that keep you away from High ROI. Control the factors like low budget and weak A/B testing, etc.

Then you can think of the positive external factors to be added in your campaign for future gains and benefits. You can think of some creative ideas and opportunities to increase the demand of your services or product.

Threats are something out of your control and you cannot do anything. But keep a look around what your competitors are doing and how you can increase the demand of your products and services. You need to be aware of your bigger competitors.

19. Age group of the users on Facebook:

The marketer should have knowledge about which age group of people is using Facebook most times of the entire day. According to Facebook analytics, almost 71% of the Indian population are using Facebook and most of the Indian users are 18 to 34 years old who use one to two hours of Facebook on a regular basis.  There are several factors defining the target audience and one among them is age. Age is an important factor because it affects consumer behaviour. The target audience and their behaviour changes often according to age. Age segmentation holds big importance while targeting your ads. For example, the products for kids cannot be sold to youngsters or senior citizens.

You can easily obtain the data and segment the market according to age.You can consider your target audience and if you are into online business there are various tools to find out the data according to age conveniently.

20. Use Hashtags to improve reach and engagement:

There are multiple options to generate reach and engagement on Facebook and hashtags are one of them to improve their reach and engagement. Every marketer is doing this for advertising purposes.

Using correct hashtags makes your post searchable. Users search for a specific topic or content using hashtags. Apt use of hashtags puts your post in front of interested users. This is a better way of increasing your reach without spending a penny on advertisements. 

Moreover, using hashtags makes your post more interactive.  The correct way of using hashtags is to monitor all the trending topics on facebook. From those trending topics, you can select the popular hashtags and curate your content around that.  If people use your brand’s hashtags, then it means they like your content and this helps in promotion of your brand.

 Here are a few tips on how to use hashtags


The importance of Facebook to carry out brand awareness and promotion cannot be underestimated due to its strong global presence. Before using any Facebook practices to promote the brand it should be kept in consideration that a single strategy will not work as a silver bullet for effective marketing campaigns. You should always use the best facebook marketing techniques to get better ROI. Always try to put variety and blend of tactics.

Well, we’ve already discussed Facebook strategies that would be helpful for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Just take a step ahead and get your business recognized worldwide. But if you are still facing problems or not able to plan strategy, then hire Best Facebook Advertising Company in India, as they are the expert and will make the best strategy for your business. 

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